25 Frames
Year of The Snake 2013
Bird  2013
The Year of The Dragon  2012
OmingYinYang     2012
Wacky Wendy Wheel  2012
A Symbol   2011
The River of Particles  2011
Moon Watching   2011
Shapes  2010
Love   1210
Red/White  2010   
5 Pointed Star  2009
Sorry I know the photos are not clear
Picture inside a Picture inside a ...      2010
Symbols Page by Page
2014 Year of the Horse
These are drawings in 8½ x 11 Frames.  Done with markers, on different
types of paper.  

55 x 42½, 25 glass in plastic frames attached.

The only weird thing about them is that I do them in my car.  I am only able to
see 3 or 4 at one time.  

So when I am doing one it is all I can think about.  I always feel like I am in
the drawing and most other things I am doing are secondary.  Doing it this
way is like a Meditation

Enjoy them

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25 Frames

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12 x 18 Framed
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12 x 18 Logo's

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9 x 14 Drawings