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Contradiction  2014  
Friends of CERES Gallery      July 22 ‒ August 16, 2014

For me this piece is unique  I work in my car, I can
only see 2 or 3 pieces at one time.  I feel like to have
to finish the piece or I will lose the practical
connection, also intuitive and emotional connection.  
This piece was a little different the push to finish was
way more forceful.  I was not sure why, but did
comply and just kept working on it until it was
finished.  There was only three things that I really
wanted, I was inspired to use the digital frame from
Susan Grabel’s  piece of art that I seen in her show.   
I wanted the borders of the a drawings on the digital
frame to match the border that surround the still
frames and I wanted to use the four cubes in a
corners.  The rest came from somewhere else.  
When I was finished I had no idea what I was looking
at.  I liked the way the cubes and borders came out.  
Then a friend took a look at it and made one simple
comment  “the cubes don't seem to go along with the
rest of this picture”    What follows is what rolled off
my tongue without even a second thought.

The cubes represent the contradiction,  the reality,
the four of them are set in the green tiles, The green
tiles are representing the earth element.  You can
also see within the earth element some scientific
symbols, religious symbols,  really just speaking
about the five senses.  The chakras representing the
connecting earth element and body element..  Then
there's the water element winding through the earth
element hitting every part of the drawing.  A small
stream even though we are about 73 percent water.  
Small because the reality, the thinking part of us will
not give it too much credence.  Water, emotions then
there are the spiritual runes, emotions connecting
us the core to the spirit.  Spirit energizes the
Emotions.  The digital frame is most likely the monkey
mind.  Basically trying to understand that there are
parts of us that are being pushed on the side more
and more every day.  Spirit and Emotions are seen as
small parts of us, but like water itself, it is the
biggest element that makes us up.
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The only weird thing about them is that I do them in my car.  I am only able to see 3 or 4 at one time.  So when I am doing one it is all I can think about.  I
always feel like I am in the drawing and most other things I am doing are secondary.  Doing it this way is like a Meditation.
New Steal like an Artist    9/2014