About the Chinese Characters on the card

Remember Chinese is a pictograph language so words have more than one meaning.
You have to open up the mind to the different ways to interpret the words.

Miao = clever, ingenious

Shou= hand, hands

Hui= return

Chun- spring (season)
can also mean youth or brightness anything normally associated with spring, flowers
returning, warmth  returning etc.

Hands that know what they are doing bring spring back.
Healing hands return us to our youth.
Hands that heal can bring us back to our youth, health etc.

The writing on the left bottom is Lide which is my first name it means to establish or
stand for virtue.

The chops on the bottom left are top = Chen my last name given to me by my tai ji

The bottom chop is Lide my first name.

The top right chop is shu yi,  shu is words or writing and yi is meaning. the meaning of
the words or the meaning of what is written.

The calligraphy is all cursive style (cao shu) and the chops are (zhuan shu) or seal

Take care. Yi lu ping an.
May the road be peaceful and calm.

Rick Ruderman




Thanks Rick