Healing Energy Sessions

    Healing Energy Session Prices List

Treatment             Session Length                 Price

Healing Energy  45 -- 60 min    Home Visit      $75.00

Healing Energy  45 -- 60 min  Class Member  $50.00

Chakra Balancing & Healing   60 min               $95.00

Aura Clearing & Healing         60 min               $95.00

Distance Healing                                              $25.00

       Can be used to relieve pain.

       Reduce stress, and provide deep relaxation

       Reboot and improve the your immune system.

       Speeds up recovery from surgery and
                        long-term illness.
       Qi Gong also balances the mind and emotions.  

       Regular Reiki treatments can bring about a
         better understanding of Self, assisting you  
                        in managing your life.
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Joseph Rubino began
studying and practicing Tai Ji
and Chi Kung when he was
18 years old.  After 25 years,
one he ever had a Jin Shin
Jyutsu session (JSJ) and
introduced him to the art.  
Joseph became a practitioner
and certified teacher of Jin
Shin Jyutsu Selp Help in
2000.  These studies led him
to pursue Integrated Energy
Therapy, and he became a
Master Instructor of IET,
individual sessions.  Then he
discovered Reconnection,
and became certified in
Reconnection Healing and
The Reconnection.  Now
Joseph gives workshops that
emcompass the many
different energy modalities
he has studied and practices.  
He is continually learning and
expanding his work
The healing sessions give you an opportunity to let go of so
much stress.  
You are sometimes not even aware of the process.  
We work in your energy field to clear it of blocked or stagnate
The clear energy can manifest back into your body and clear
your body.  
The least you can expect from a session is relaxation.  
Most get a better night sleep.  
Most pain, if not gone, is greatly diminished.  
A session runs about 45 - 60 minutes, while you rest on your
back on a massage table.
You will have your own experience everyone is a little different.  
We deal with your issues as they come up or as you need to.  
As your energy field is cleared information comes up.  
Most of the time there is an aura reading in the session.  
The information supports the healing session.  
Sometimes Jin Shin energy centers (pressure points) are used.  
At the end is a grounding.
Thank You for Your Interest in a Healing Session, if you need more information
please send me an e-mail.  I will be happy to answer any questions.
      Trained, Certified and Work with these Modalities

Qi Gong / Tai Ji


IET:                                                               http://www.learniet.com/

Jin Shin Jyutsu                                         http://www.jsjinc.net/

Quamtum Touch                                       Http://www.quantumtouch.com

Body-Mind-Spirit-Emotional-Core       http://www.bmsec.com

Joe has been learning and
practicing healing arts for many
years.  He has been instructed in
Reconnection Healling by founder
Dr. Eric Peal and is a level iii
approved graduate, certified and
authorized to facilitate
Roconnections and Reconnective

Joe teachers Tai Ji and Qi Gong.  
He does workshops in basic self
help healing, is a certified Jin Shin
jyutsu Self Help instructor.  He is a
Master Instructor in IET, and has a
private healing energy practice.  

Chinese Characters on the card mean.

Remember Chinese is a pictograph
language so words have more than one
meaning. You have to open up the mind
to the different ways to interpret the

Miao = clever, ingenious

Shou= hand, hands

Hui= return

Chun- spring (season)

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