Core  - Wood

(Ether or Key)
3th Depth
Liver / Gall Bladder
Forgiveness /
Self Endurance
Angel Daniel
3rd Chakra
Quicky 14's
The Core is All Inclusive
The Core is the center on which the other Elements work around.  The Core
is energise by Earth.  Physical things will energies the core.  If the core
seems weak exercise can help.  The Core energies the Air element the Mind.
 The Core is supported by the Water Element.  You can help the core by
dealing with the emotions that maybe effecting you.  The core supports the
Fire Element the Spirit.  So if you want to support your Spirit grounding
meditations will help, a ground Core will support your Spirit.  Strong Core is a
belief in self.  Integrity is the watch word for the Core Element.
At your Core the you that is connected to the divine there are no relating Birth Signs its
all of them.  You must have notice that you have some traits from all the different signs.  
The quickest Qi Gong posture for getting relief from most issues for everyone is the
laying down Qi Gong.  It will go right through the cycle of the elements Mental Spirit
Emotion Physical,  Laying down relaxing softening into the ground.  Arms at your side
relaxed then out to the sides relaxed then about your head relaxed.  Softening deeper
and deeper into the ground.  Keep scanning your body to find out where you are still
holding yourself tight, and soften.  This could go on for 30 seconds or 30 minutes.