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Quicky 8's
Birth Signs  ~  Cancer  Pisces  Scorpio
The water element is some times thought of as the element with the most force on us.  
We are 70% water so that is quite a bit of us.  Water is can change into ice or steam or
liquid.  That adds to our adaptability.  It is connected to our emotions which is one of
the ways the Source talks to us.  We get a lot of energy or lack of from our emotions.  
Truly there are massages in water.  If you are a water sign then your emotions would
be the first element you want to ground.  By dealing with them, talking or feeling them.  
Being aware of them would be the first step of course.
You will find under these signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.  The quickest Qi Gong
posture for getting relief from most issues.  
Holding a Ball and Looking at the Moon.  
It will first deal with the Emotions then move into the Physical - Core - Mental - and
then Spiritual issues.  Standing with feet shoulder width apart.  Arms are stretched
down at hip level, elbows bent as of holding a big beach ball.  Knees are soft, you use
only the minimum amount of energy to keep arms up.  Relax the rest of your body.  
Keep scanning your body to find out where you are still holding yourself tight, and
soften.  The only different between the two is of course in Looking at he Moon your
arms are above your head or whatever height is comfortable.  Arms are rounded like
holding that big beach ball.  This could go on for 30 seconds or 30 minutes.