AnchorThese workshops are an Introduction to The Healing Energy Field.
Many related topics will also be discussed.

Joe Rubino began studying and practicing Karate and Kung Fu at the age of 12.  
When he was about 18 years old he started to study Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  After about
20 years, he added Jin  Shin Jyutsu to his repertoire. One of his students asked him if
he’d ever had a session, and introduced him to the art. Joe became a practitioner and certified teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self  
Help in 2000. These studies led him to pursue Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  Joe then became an IET Master Instructor,
offering workshops and individual sessions.  He later discovered  Reconnection, and became certified. Now Joe gives
workshops that encompass the many different energy modalities he has studied and still enjoys practicing.  He is continually
learning and expanding his work. The central and unifying theme of energy work enables him to offer effective and
exciting workshops and classes.

Joe likes to unite these modalities in a way that gives you some insight into each of them.   You may get what you need from
this one workshop.  You may realize that you want to explore it deeper.  To me it has been like finding pieces to a puzzle.  The
puzzle of myself and life, the who and what we are.  Here are a few pieces for your puzzle.  They are a gift of self awareness
where you will find inner-peace, inner-strength, inner-knowledge.

For thousands of years the Asian parts of the world were using words like Ki (Japan) Chi (China) Parna (India).  In the West we
use words like Love, Force and Life.  All of these are interchangeable, in discussing the electromagnetic energy field of the
human body.

As the Western instruments become more and more sophisticated, we now can measure the flow of this energy which
courses through the body.  Just as blood is flowing through veins and arteries, energy flows through meridians.  The
meridians are the pathways which nourish and replenish each organ.  There are many other flows of energy balancing and
harmonizing the body.

Joe works on the physical body, the energy bodies and the cellular memory.  He works to balance all of these.  The energy is
self-directing, with an intelligence of its’ own.  It is the thing holding us together.  We were always taught that the spirit is held
inside the body.  We are now realizing that the spirit is what holds the body together.  Western science, on its deepest level, is
getting closer and closer to making the connection between spirit and man.


We have very simple self help techniques and meditations to aid us in working in the energy field.  Working in that field we are
giving our own body an opportunity to balance the energies which can then manifest in the physical body.  When working on
someone, the practitioner does not have to take or give the client his or her energy.  We only support the client in their clearing
and balancing of their own energy field.

As you use these techniques on your path of self awareness doors will start to open for you.  You will start, if you haven’t
already to explore these doors.  It may be what got you here.  It is an endless journey.  Deeper and deeper into yourself.  I am
here to start the beginner and to assist you on your way.  You will learn the techniques that we use in our practice to support
and balance ourselves and clients.  If you are an experienced person in energy work, you will learn some new and useful
techniques which you can use in your own practice.  As you move through this gentle healing energy you will discover more
and more information.  Behind every door will be another part of the puzzle for you.  Each path or door has many pieces.  You
will start realizing how far you have come and will realize, as we all do, how far there is to go.  The deeper we look, the deeper
it gets.  It is truly a fascinating life.             Joseph Rubino