Healing Energy
Golden Qi Gong

Sanding and Sitting

One Hour Qi Gong

{Chi Kung}  Soft and Slow
You Tube of Joseph Rubino doing
Golden Qi Gong {Chi Kung}
Standing and Sitting

The more you become familiar with these
easy movements,
the more there is to them.  

As you work on them we could dialog
and we could talk about the deeper parts
of every movement.  

We will answer any questions that come
up during this wonderful practice.   

Link to Standing Practice  

Link to Sitting Practice

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The Healing Energy Session

Reduces Stress, Tension & Anxiety.

Promotes a State of Deep Relaxation.

Supports the Body’s Natural Healing Abilities.

Increases Energy Levels.

Promotes Healing in all the Your Aspects,
Mind, Body, Emotional, Spiritual, and Core.

Aids in Better Sleep.

Provides Relief From Acute or Chronic Pain.

Activates the Immune System.

Supports Recovery from Surgery or Injury
Reduces Energy Blockages & Enhances Energy Flow.

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Hello Welcome to the Healing Energy Home Page.
Joseph Rubino

As a natural extension of my Tai Ji and Qi Gong practice I went into energy healing.  I started with Qi Gong and then went into
Jin Shin.   From there I started to study IET.  After a few years I found Reconnection.  All my sessions begin with an energy
assessment, without touching the body.  To treat, I use mostly Reconnection and Qi Gong.  Treatments are however tailored
to the individual needs of the person.   Consequently, I incorporate other approaches and techniques as needed to assist in
their treatment.
Click on the chart notice the relationships
between the Qi Gong Standing Postures
and Birth Signs (Sun Sign).  The Circle
shows the energizing direction and the
star shows the supporting direction.
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